Poli Hotel **** was planned to guarantee the easier access possible.

The Hotel has 4 rooms built to host disabled people and potential helpers.

An example: room 202, situated in the second floor, is a Double (Door 81 cm) with parquet flooring and Queen-Size Bed (h 54 cm, right side space 79 cm, left side space 87 cm, front space 268 cm). The Bathroom has (door 85 cm) WC suspended (front space 100 cm, right side 124 cm, left side 26 cm, door handle on the left) shower on the floor whit curtain (direct light 92 cm) and door handle.

Room 202 is adjoining with room 204 with an inside door: so you can obtain one big solution to host until 4 people at the maximum comfort (2 Bathrooms, 2 wardrobes , 2 mini-bars, 2 TVs, 2 Queen-Size beds) and with the maximum access facility.

All the other 3 Rooms have the same features of Room 202.