Safety in Hotel

Safety Protocol

Safety and health are fundamental rights for everyone and Poli Hotel has made it a source of pride: our first thought is about the safety and health of our Guests, Collaborators and Friends!

In order to give our Guests the maximum in terms of safety and hygiene, we cyclically sanitize the rooms, the restaurant, the bike bistrot, the reception and all the common areas with an innovative patented disinfection system consisting of a series of devices connected to a management platform capable of recording, controlling and tracking the results of each disinfection, disinfestation and deodorization treatment in real time.

Our rooms are sanitized daily with products from the Medical Surgical Unit (PMC) by our expert Staff with great attention and seriousness. Our staff has been meticulously trained and instructed in the use of new procedures, tools and equipment, which at the end of the sanitization cicle issues a certificate of conformity for the disinfection of environmental surfaces.

Nothing is left to chance and our commitment is tangible and verifiable by everyone, discover ours: