La fornace

"I love cooking, I love the flavour and color of the presentation of the dishes and their the fragrance and elegance, I love surprising and entertaining ..." (V.Marconi)

Owned since 1990 by the Poli family, the Restaurant La Fornace has become over the years a culinary reference in the regional proposal, earning considerable acclaim and positive reviews. In 2005, with the birth of Poli Hotel, Restaurant La Fornace moves to the 4-star family hotel.

Our philosophy:
"We do not serve a dish ... but an experience and an emotion" (S.Cerri)

The elegant atmosphere and attentive service meet themselves to make perfect the most different occasions in a continuity of tradition.
La Fornace is part of the Association “Piatto del Buon Ricordo” and has a dedicated Smoking Room.

The style and the senses

He began his training with the cooking school C.A.P.AC. in Milan with Chef Magnani and Bugna, he attended the school of gastronomy with the brothers Lino and Annibale Bonardi chef of the then famous gastronomes Salumaio of Montenapolene The first seasons: from the beaches of the Adriatic Riviera to Isola Capo Rizzuto, to assist lessons in the kitchens of Chef Marchesi and Chef Paracucchi and also a butcher course at the headquarters of the Prima in Milan.

Ready to join the brigade of the restaurant La Fornace, he continued in a longprocess of national and international training between Switzerland, France, Spain:
- Teacher Gourmet in cooking courses and Natural Cuisine in QB school Claudio Sadler in Milan Fixed
- Collaborator of Riza Greet Nature magazine
- Demonstretor for Bialetti Group in Central America
- Collaborator of Selecta Group as teacher for professional courses for chef only
- consultant for Modena Chef Group Modena (haute cuisine educational updates)
- A Decades Carreer as television chef on Channel 5 (Faccia a Faccia) and 9 seasons (500 episodes) on RAI to “La Prova del cuoco” with Antonella Clerici

The dress code at the restaurant is casual-refined; for the Gentlemen there is not the duty to wear tie and jacket